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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 5:00, a bomb threat at a local jewish center. students and staff evacuated for hours. what we learned about the scare, in minutes. >> two deputies were hurt, one airlifted and we learned they were attacked and tackled. one of the deputies was hit in the head several times. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> i'm matt austin. they were responding to a domestic violence call on pineapple avenue and mims at the
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state road 46 and u.s. 1. eric sandoval is getting answers about what happened there. doing? >> well, actually i just spoke investigators. they say considering the brutality of what happened behind me, the deputies are actually going to be okay. that is the good news. i want to show you where the house is. it's right between the trees there. we're being kept back away from this while investigators do their job. the couple who is accused of attacking the deputies is right there. they're in custody. right now, investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened this morning. >> sky 6 flew over this home on pineapple avenue in mims after two brevard county sheriff's deputies say they were viciously attacked this afternoon. they responded to a domestic violence call around 11:20 this morning and heard a commotion in the backyard. investigators say when they went to check on it, they were attacked by a man, hitting them with a collapsible baton.
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tackled him to the ground while a woman tackled the deputy. somehow they were able to all call for back-up. the couple was detained and arrested. >> i've seen them and talked to them a couple of times. >> that was all the interaction he said he had with his next-door neighbors. he said he's never had a problem like this before. in fact, sigler was just returning from the brevard county commissioner's meeting today when he heard what happened and now he says he's having to eat some of his words from that meeting. >> i just left the commission meeting saying how safe the neighborhood is. and we don't have any shooting or cutting or all that going on. and then all of a sudden you get down the street. >> back out here live, you can see deputies are still out here wrapping things up this evening. we asked sheriff ivy, who was out here earlier, if they've actually had any problems with the couple who lives in this house before. he said none that he could think of. in the meantime his deputies are recovering in the hospital tonight.
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an official condition on them and see if they might be released anytime soon. we're live in mims tonight, eric sandoval, news 6 back to you. >> outside, it's been dry and cozy here in central florida. that all could soon change, though. here's a live look outside over downtown orlando. you can see it looks like the sun is starting to set over there. more heavy rain looks to be on the way, too. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing what we can expect. this time tomorrow it could be really different out there. >> i'll be the lead tomorrow, i believe. >> okay. i would imagine that. >> right at the top of the news cast, tracking the big rain. the clouds are on the increase as evidenced by what you just saw on the tower cam shot. this is the visible satellite image. cold front lingers from memphis to louisiana. the moisture is surging our way. it's a matter of timing when it gets here and when it arrives for you. >> nothing big across the interior. we have to wait for a while.
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the rain to show up. right now, 73 degrees in orlando. the on-the-town forecast is dry, cloudy, but dry. as we head through the 8:00 hour, 65. by 9:00, 63. 10 p.m., still 62. it's not the temperatures that are the problem this time. it's the chance for rain tomorrow. i'll be back to pinpoint the arrival of the showers and talk about what it all means for your wednesday and your thursday. >> all right, tom. thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> and just in to the newsroom, the orange county sheriff's office is looking for a missing 22-year-old man. take a look. we're told robert pierson's family has not seen or heard from him since last friday. he was last seen leaving his sister's house on west oak ridge road. pierson is 5-9 tall and weighs 145 pounds. if you know where he is, call the sheriff's office. >> all is clear tonight at an orange county jewish center.
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evacuated for hours. sky 6 flew over the roth family jewish center in maitland around noon. a man with an automated or robotic sounding voice called saying there was a device planted to take out a large number of children. police tell us students were taken to a nearby elementary school school, lake sabelia. police are looking to see where the call came from. >> new at 5:00, we learned a volusia county building will stay open for now after county officials were in the process of shutting it down. this is all unfolding outside the county administration building on north beach street in daytona beach. news 6 reporter loren korn has been following the story since yesterday and joins us now live. what is next for the county? >> well, you mentioned that the building is staying open for now because one residents started complaining and, two, as of last
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to the county council and city commissioners. they want to address the homeless issue here but keeping the building open doesn't fix what's going on here and how it got so out of hand. >> the volusia county administration center was not always home to the more than 100 people who have been camping outside the building for the last two months. >> everywhere else you get arrested. here we're not getting arrested. >> the county says it's not citing them for trespassing. >> we're not trespassing anymore. the reason is, if we did, we'd go down the block to another county building. >> the county says it's a liability issue, afraid of a lawsuit if they remove people from the sidewalk. as a quick fix, the city partnered with salvation army to take some people off the street. but some refused to go. >> you can't drink, you can't smoke, you get kicked out and go in early and get kicked out early. >> so the homeless will remain until the city and county coming up with a solution and one
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>> now, the special meeting that the mayor asked for will be held on february 5th, a day after regular council meeting. coming up at 6:00 tonight, we'll talk more about this issue and who is responsible for the homeless. >> loren korn reporting live in volusia county tonight. thank you. >> we're following some breaking news on wall street. stocks made some big gains today. the dow went up more than 280 points, enough to erase yesterday's 200-point drop. the nasdaq and s&p also gained more than 1% each. analysts say good economic numbers and an increase in oil prices drove stocks up. >> a murder investigation in marion county. deputies say a man was shot and killed at a home this morning. this is the scene along northeast 167th court in silver springs, north of state road 40. we're told the 33-year-old richard hutchison was involved in a fight before the shooting. deputies are questioning people right now. but no one has been arrested. >> we've learned the name of a
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killed near an orange county club over the weekend. we're told 28-year-old gabrielle nizario was shot at the diamond club on cimarron boulevard early saturday morning. he pulled into the parking lot of the lounge on east colonial. a short time later he was taken to ormc where he died. the shooter is still on the run. >> an update now to a crime tracker alert in orange county. we've learned a $5,000 reward is being offered in the investigation into a murder at a home last week. this was the scene near the corner of the area last tuesday. deputies believe cornelius anderson were targeted. they're looking for an older black man wearing a skull cap, a cap with a skull on it. he took off in a brand-new buick. if you know anything about this case, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips.
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medical center in san diego. there was no shots fired. this was the scene at the base a few hours ago. you can see people walking with their hands up there. a navy spokesman reported someone heard three shots in the basement. navy officials say there's no sign of a gunman or a shooting. all those lockdowns have been lifted. >> the florida state football schedule was just released. as expected, fsu will open 2016, the season at least, right here in orlando. >> the seminoles will come to the citrus bowl on september 5th. fsu will take on ole miss in its season opener. they'll also take on usf and tampa on september 24th. they'll place the florida gators at home on november 26th. ping will have more coming up on news 6 at 6:00. >> we're learning new info now, months after the el faro sank during a hurricane. >> next at 5:00, how much the ship's owner will pay the families of some crew members
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>> and new video of a yacht going down off the coast of florida. what the coast guard now says may have caused this pricey ship to sink. >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for central florida. we're just getting details on a crash on the eastbound side of the beachline near international corporate park boulevard in orange county. here's a live look. it looks like one lane is blocked right now. we're told traffic is backed up for two miles.
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so... what else about me? >> we're getting a new look tonight at a dramatic rescue we
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last night at 11:00. this happened in south florida. video shows the moments when a yacht went down. you can see there. it's going down like the movie the titanic and tips up there. the coast guard officials say 13 people were rescued. the 106 foot yacht took on water at fort lauderdale by the sea. no one was hurt. crews say a mechanical problem could be to blame. >> that's going to be one expensive mechanical problem. 100-foot yacht. >> big developments in the aftermath of the cargo ship that sunk last october. >> according to court documents, tote maritime will pay each of settle pending lawsuits. all 33 crew members on board the ship died when it sank in the middle of a hurricane near the bahamas. attorneys for some of the
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the ship was overdue for repairs. the company says it did all it could to ensure safety. legal claims for the remaining 23 families are still pending. >> we're getting a look at new numbers in the race for the white house. republican frontrunner donald trump's already big lead appears to be growing. >> yeah, that's according to a national cnn/orc poll. more than 40% of republicans say they support the billionaire businessman, more than double the 19% support the texas senator ted cruz has received. florida senator marco rubio came in a distant 3rd at 8%. >> hillary clinton continues to lead on the democratic side against bernie sanders and martin o'malley. the poll numbers come hours after the three candidates took part in a town hall, just days before the iowa caucus. sanders took clinton to task for supporting the iraq war in 2003. clinton fired back. >> i have a much longer history than one vote, which i've said was a mistake because of the way
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administration handled it. but i think the american people have seen me exercising judgment in a lot of other ways. >> the latest poll shows clinton with 52% support. it's the smallest lead she's had over bernie sanders since the field narrowed down to 3 candidates. so it's getting closer. >> a mystery along the north florida coast. >> florida fish and wildlife investigators are trying to determine what caused you thousands of fish to wash up on the beach. it's southeast of panama city. f.w.c. says they appear to be starfish. they plan to do research across the area but it's likely they'll be able to figure out what killed the starfish since their tissue breaks down quickly. >> we're 12 days away now from super bowl 50. you'll see it right here on news 6. >> right now, crews are working day and night to transform san
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a lot is packed into that city on a normal day. huge entertainment pavilions are quickly taking shape in the parking lot of levi's stadium. new luxury suites are being built inside the stadium and the field is being prepped for all the action from the game itself to the halftime performances. project leaders say it may look like too much work, but they're confident everything will be good to go by super bowl sunday. because it's going to have to be, right? again, you can see super bowl 50 right here on news 6 february 7th. coverage begins early in the morning, 6 a.m., and lasts all day long. we have you covered throughout the build-up of the big game. you'll find all sorts of social media posts related to the super bowl, including all posts with the #sb 50 on our website. head to, powered by news 6 and click on the sports social under the sports tab. >> the cheap seats is averaging
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>> who gets those tickets, investment bankers or what? >> i don't know those people. i was out there once and i was in the nose in the nose bleed section. >> take a look at what's going on. i finally have storm pins back. >> oh, good. you were teasing us earlier. >> it crashed on me, just as we were sitting right here. >> the voice of god shot. >> isn't that great? >> those are my favorite. >> don't ever do that again. >> don't do the voice of god shot with that note, don't do that to me. look at yoda in orlando, a beautiful shot of the cloud cover that's building in and one more from ocoee. a lot of cloud cover. these are the kind of shots we're going to be getting in the next 24 hours until the rain shows up. go ahead and download storm pins right now in your app store for free. you can see all the photos that are submitted. you can submit your own and see what's happening across florida. >> now, in melbourne, we're tracking some rain just off the
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it's not coming ashore yet. chances it will. wind is from the east in most spots or the southeast and so we'll be waiting for the rain to begin. that's one source of rain. the other source is coming from the gulf of mexico. the third is that cold front that's lingering to roll in here late tomorrow, early thursday. awesome. we made it back to 75 in a large part of the viewing area. kissimmee, orlando, sanford, leesburg, the villages, all hit 75. 73 did it in ocala. 71 in gainesville. 70 in daytona beach. cocoa beach, 69. melbourne, you hit 71. temperatures are in the 70's. still 73 in orlando. 73 from leesburg to ocala and 64 does it in daytona beach. so as we widen the view out, you see where the colder air has parked. it's 60 all the way to atlanta. you get past there, though, 40 in nashville and 58 in new orleans. the frontal zone is right here, ready to come on in. where's the big rain? most of it is back up there with
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lighter showers start to factor in our forecast as early as tonight. >> here we go. here's the cold front from tennessee and kentucky and west of atlanta. there's the big moisture plume extending to the gulf of mexico. when does it start to be a problem for you? late night tonight, first thing tomorrow morning, in spots. you can see the rain action from daytona beach to around ocala and the villages. by 10:00 in the morning, one bull's-eye of heavy rain in western volusia county extends to ocala and the villages. then by the afternoon, the bigger eruptions are here, from seminole to orange to osceola, kissimmee, all the way into melbourne and it all pushes east by 5:00 tomorrow night. when i say "all," i mean the big damaging stuff. as late as tomorrow night, we're still tracking rain into southern brevard county. in southern brevard, you could end up with not one, but two, maybe a little more inches of it's over.
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50's, low 60's. calling the low in orlando 62. here is tomorrow. >> starting in the morning at 62, wrapping with a high of 73. big time rain throughout the day especially brevard county. a high on thursday is 68. the high on friday is 64. that will be our cool day. saturday and sunday we start to rebound for good weather for your weekend. >> that's some good timing. i like it. >> uh-huh. >> thanks, tom. >> we're staying on top of breaking news in orange county. there was a wrong-way crash on the eastbound side of the beachline. sky 6 is live over the scene near international corporate park boulevard in orange county. from what we can see, one lane is blocked of the two lanes. traffic is backed up for about two miles right now. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you more information as we get it. >> more progress between the
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>> next at 5:00, the restrictions against cuba that will soon go away. and a "star wars" style fight at a crowded intersection. what police believe caused this crazy confrontation. >> that is crazy. ahead at 5:30, the next step for kids and their parents, hoping to make recess mandatory at
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>> a violent fight in the middle of a busy street. you can see a guy with a pole and another guy swinging a bat. it started over road rage in austin. the man with the bat confronted the driver of the pickup and he got out an went back to get a pole. both guys got in the car when the light turned green. no one was arrested. >> stay in your car. another step toward improving relations between the u.s. and cuba. >> it's doing away with some of the restrictions on cuba. federal officials say they will get rid of financial restrictions on most exports. the u.s. will allow more commodities to be exported and more americans can still travel
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guidelines but they'll be allowed to do more while in the country. the changes will take effect tomorrow. they come after direct talks between the two countries began about a year ago. >> normally when you think about a guard, you think of a person, right? >> yeah, one police department hired an unlikely volunteer to protect them. check this out. that's a goose. the oklahoma city police department says he patrols one of its stations. police use him to help control an ongoing issue with skunks in the parking lot. they say they're doing a great -- he's doing a great job right now. they're trying to name him. some of the officers are calling him aflac. and you know how they pay him, lisa bell? >> no, how? >> in donuts. apparently he loves them. >> those geese can be vicious. they really can be. i was in downtown orlando once and one almost attacked me. >> they can be tall, too. >> they can. >> coming up on the news at
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included in the airbag recall after a man dies. >> and trash troubles are not over. what county leaders say they think is the biggest problem leading to issues with trash collection. >> and we show you which carmaker is getting behind an effort to grow the stem program for students here in central florida. it's tonight's "getting results for our schools" report. >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for central florida. here's another look over downtown orlando. drive for now, all that could soon change. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the rain for us. man, it looks gorgeous out there with the sun peeking through the clouds.
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